Up to 12 months of superior protection against germs and bacteria

The experts at Proaxion have developed a lasting and effective sanitation protocol, the only one of its kind in Canada. We’ve put our know-how and technology to work to bring you the best antimicrobial protection on the market. Perfect for your workspaces—and your employees!

Your company deserves nothing but the best. Contact the leaders in sanitation management!

The 4 steps
in our

01. In-depth cleaning

All too often, the importance of the cleaning step is overlooked. Proaxion will deep clean all your work surfaces to eliminate all visible dirt. Our proven approach makes the next step—disinfection—even more effective.

02. Thorough disinfection

Thanks to our cutting-edge electrostatic spray technology, we disinfect your workspaces quickly, safely, and super efficiently. Our sprayers ionize particles of disinfectant that coat all surfaces in the room with a fine mist, reaching the nooks and crannies space applicators can’t.

Our sanitary technology is so effective, it’s used by some of the most demanding institutions in the world, including the White House.

03. Total protection

This is the key step in our protocol: long-term protection against germs and bacteria. We’re the only company in Canada to use the revolutionary AEGIS® bound antimicrobial technology for polymers and textiles. It creates a robust shield on your surfaces for up to 12 months.

More specifically, the active ingredient in AEGIS® forms a protective coating as soon as it’s applied. Bacteria is then drawn by the positive charge created by the shield and eliminated instantly on contact. Our process is incredibly effective against the spread of germs.

Forget about disinfectants that have to be reapplied over and over again. Proaxion is THE safe and long-lasting solution par excellence!

04. Preventive detection

How much bacteria is on your surfaces before and after disinfection? Our experts use preventive detection to show just how effective our protocol is. You can rest assured that your surfaces will always be clean and safe.

We rely on complex scientific methods for this step because, like you, we value your employees’ safety above all else.

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Look for the Proaxion Seal

The companies that use our services affix the seal which certifies that its spaces are disinfected by our technology. We thus offer to the companies a means of communicating their efforts in the management of the safety of the environment which they offer to their customers and their employees.


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