Effective and safe disinfection

Electrostatic technology allows 100% contact-free surface coverage.

100% Coverage

How electrostatic spraying works

The disinfectant is negatively charged by the sprayer and becomes attracted to surfaces in a consistent manner, resulting in 100% uniform coverage. The negatively-charged droplets seek a neutral surface and compete to cover the area and neutralize their charge. Thus, the droplets do not overlap. This process is safe on sensitive equipment, allows cracks and crevices to be easily reached and treats areas that were previously impossible to reach.

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The use of an electrostatic spraying device allows a no-contact application of the disinfectant. This advantage eliminates the risk of cross-contamination and makes the application method safer than conventional disinfection methods.


Electrostatic sprayers produce small (30-50 microns) electrically-charged droplets that are literally attracted to surfaces, providing 100% uniform coverage and leaving no aerosol particles in the surrounding air. The droplets penetrate and fill cracks and crevices where pathogens and odours can reproduce and which standard disinfection techniques simply cannot reach.

See how the electrostatic sprayer coverage is much more uniform and covers 100% of the surface. Manual disinfection or normal mechanical cleaning only affects 60-75% of the surface.





It can be seen that the coverage with electrostatic sprayers is much more uniform and covers 100% of the surface. Manual disinfection or usual mechanical cleaning affects only 60 to 75% of the surface.

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Look for the Proaxion Seal

The companies that use our services affix the seal which certifies that its spaces are disinfected by our technology. We thus offer to the companies a means of communicating their efforts in the management of the safety of the environment which they offer to their customers and their employees.